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Animal Welfare Research Group

Faculty of Veterinary Science, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Production Animal Biomedical Research Laboratory

We can provide competence and have access to equipment for physiological and molecular studies:

  • quantifying hormones and neuro- and immunoactive peptides in serum, feces and tissue
xMAP® Technology: BioPlex training 



access to LC-MS/MS  

  • gene expression
  • histology and immunohistochemistry
  • cell culture
  • flow cytometry

We have facilities and equipment for behavioural studies:

  • manual registration of behaviour (Noldus Observer XT)
  • automated registration of behaviour (Noldus Ethovision XT)
  • access to experimental housing for rodents, poultry, pigs, sheep, goats and cattle

Inquiries regarding research collaboration can be sent to Andrew M. Janczak


Gunn Charlotte Østby, MSc

Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences

Telephone: +47 22 59 74 64

E-mail: gunn.ostby @ 

Ellen Dahl, MSc

Department of Production Animal Clinical Sciences

Telephone: +47 22 96 48 61

E-mail: ellen.dahl @